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The Infinite Eye

I once feared that, with the advent of mobile phones and their often amazing cameras, the profusion of images that ensued—flowing continuously and furiously across the world’s networks—would increasingly dilute and render powerless the ability of a photo to engage the eye in a dialog with the world. Now, after almost 20 years looking, thinking, and clicking, I’m no longer so concerned. The world seems always to invent a new and inexhaustible supply of decisive moments to fix the wandering eye.

Click on the galleries below to view some of the images that have caught my attention. And please check back from time to time. I have many more images and collections I’ll be adding to the page in the weeks and months  to come.

Mission Castro I


Images from frequent walkabouts in my neighborhood and surrounding environs with my first digital camera, a small Canon camera with a whopping 1.8 Megapixels — good enough, nevertheless to capture the look and feel of places and things that were to be unrecognizably altered in the years to come. 



I photographed Dohee Lee’s Dangkuel: MU Winter Ritual at the Eastside Cultural Center in Oakland. I hope that the images can convey some of the beauty and intensity of her dynamic and colorful performance on a small stage lit by José Maria Francos and with striking projections by Carole Kim.

A Few Thoughts About Light

We are creatures whose eyes have evolved to take maximum advantage of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by our sun, which bathes every square meter of the earth on which it falls with an average energy flux of 1000 watts. 

Much of that radiation (infrared, x-rays, radio waves) is beyond the range of light that our eyes can receive, but evolution has conveniently situated our eyesight in the range in which the sun’s output is most concentrated, a spectrum that spans all the colors that so enrich the human experience.

Beyond our solar system, everything we know about the universe—until the very recent and momentous detection of gravity waves, confirming Einstein’s predictions—has been a result of our reception and study of electromagnetic radiation, light that has traveled the vast distances of spacetime to reach and inform us.

From family portraits to Hubble images, photographs are one of the many ways that we humans celebrate our visual heritage, giving both form and meaning to the richness of our sensual experience. 




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